Inside the Edit Launches a Monthly Subscription and Takes It Two Steps Further With Content

Still looking to build and/or sharpen your editing skills on the creative side? Inside the Edit, the only online course focusing on editing as a creative craft, is now offering a monthly membership at £40, or a yearly membership at £400 (which means, you pay for 10 months and receive access for 12).

Since its launch last summer, Inside the Edit has been hard at work not only to make its access more affordable, but also to broaden their content and raise the pace at which they are offering it.

What Do You Get Exactly

When you sign up to Inside the Edit courses you have access to:

The team at Inside the Edit told me that that’s already around 3-4 months of work if you were committing to it full time. I have access to their courses and I can confirm that even though I’ve been editing for many years now, I’m learning a lot of information on a whole different level. It’s almost hard to explain, but it is like verbalizing good and bad instincts, and connecting dots on a microscopic level, which is quite a fascinating process to go through. Oh, and a useful one.

That’s not it though:

If you already have experience as an editor and are wondering if you could benefit from it, professional editor Danielle, who won the free package mentorless was releasing last summer, has been nothing but happy about a learning experience that has had a real positive impact on her approach of the craft. She will talk more about it herself in a future guest post, so stay tuned.

As I’ve mentioned above, Inside the Edit will also launch a blog on Friday with more thoughts on editing, and interviews with professionals editors and Alumnus.

Below is an exclusive look at an interview with self-taught 26 year old Josh, from Colorado, USA, who signed up to Inside The Edit back in the fall, and shared with them his journey learning editing as a creative craft.

This is an excerpt from an interview between ITE Alumni Josh, and Inside The Edit. The full interview will be available to read on Inside The Edit’s blog starting this Friday. 

ITE: Have you done any other edit training before?

JOSH: I’ve watched Lynda’s tutorials and Mac Pro Video but both of them, at least from what I’ve seen, are buttons, commands, none of them are the creative theory behind editing like this is and I think that’s what drew me to this.

I was telling one of the guys I’m working with and he said, “What program does he use?” And I said “I think I saw Avid at the top but I didn’t recognise it.” And he said “Well how do you know what you’re doing?” and so I told him that it was more about the storytelling than keystrokes, commands, pull-down windows and so on. Ultimately how are you going to assimilate this footage into something that is cohesive, gets a message across and tugs at your heartstrings at the same time. So nothing like this, absolutely nothing like this.

ITE: What attracted you to Inside The Edit initially?

JOSH: I was sold at that promo! I thought, “That makes sense”. It makes sense visually, there was no interview, there was no sync, there was nothing it was just graphics and lettering but the way that it was told was so creative. I’m still wondering how you did that! I loved it. For me that’s what initially attracted me.

Part of it was also that I have wanted to go to film school for a long time. When we lived in Albuquerque I thought I could go to film courses here. My wife always encouraged me, she’s in education herself and so she’s constantly encouraging this sort of thing. But I thought it just didn’t seem right, it doesn’t feel right, I don’t want to go and sit in a classroom. It felt too limited, it felt tied down, and it felt too subjective to me to want to do that.

But the things I was hearing about from my friends who’d gone through film school in Albuquerque they were just like don’t got to X, or X is way too expensive. I thought I’d really like to do something at some point so I watched Mac Pro Video, I mean heck, you can get on YouTube and learn any button in five minutes. So when I saw the theory of creative storytelling on a timeline, when I saw that, that was the appeal.

I’ve often wondered that I’ve made cuts based on what I thought would be good. If there’s a cut that I make it’s because I feel like this is important to the story, this is vital, this is gonna help. I maybe try a couple of iterations of it to see how it turns out. There’s something in my mind that says, “Yes, right there, stop, that’s perfect”. And I’ve always wondered ‘Am I out in left field’? What’s my deal here, I should get a professional opinion. So when I saw The Creative Editing Course I thought ‘You know, it really looks like there’s something to that.”

ITE: How has Inside The Edit helped you so far?

JOSH: So far I guess on a number of levels. Practically for sure it’s helped me. When we went out to Denver to visit my relatives they asked to to bring all of my video equipment to help them make a video. I couldn’t tell them no, they’re my in-laws! I shot this video for them, they’d scripted it out and we spent about six hours on it. I came home and started editing it. I got a good rough cut together about two and a half minutes long. All of this was before Inside The Edit. And then I forgot about it.

Then my in-laws came for Christmas and said “Hey, whatever happened to that video?” And I said “I just need to finish it up, there’s a couple of things left.” And I watched it through again and it was amazing because with everything that I’ve seen, and I’ve probably been able to absorb about 3% of Inside The Edit so far, it changed everything.

I felt that the end production after Inside The Edit, after I started fine tuning details, I felt like it came to life. It was such a joy and such a pleasure and I was so proud of what I’d done that I actually put my contact details on the end slide.

After watching Inside The Edit I was making decisions that I was confident in and the end result was a production I’m confident in and proud of and I know my next production is going to be a lot better. It’s inspiring to know here’s what I did with so little and just the little bit that I’ve absorbed has changed what I’ve done.

So it’s absolutely changed on that level, the practicalities, and just understanding more how to tell a story, how to hide problems, how to enhance the performance of others. But on other levels too. It’s given me a renewed vision, I think, for my life. And maybe that sounds cheesy and very broad but I felt like this is what I want to do, this is what I want to pursue, this creative storytelling. And seeing someone else who’s done that shows that wow, it’s possible, it can be done. And not only can it be done but I can do it knowing that I can be proud of and confident in my productions.

So I do feel like I’ve had kind of a renewed vision. I’m nervous but I’m very excited, excited to see what happens and what comes from here. And I don’t think I’d be in this spot if were not for Inside The Edit. I feel like this has definitely made a big change so we’ll see what happens.

ITE: What makes Inside The Edit different from other courses?

JOSH: Well none of it is Command C or A key or B key. Inside The Edit doesn’t focus on whether Avid is better than Final Cut, it’s not Mac versus PC, it’s not Control C versus Command C because right there you start drawing the line and you start dividing people. But you’re not focusing on those dividing factors you’re focusing on factors that bring people together.

You’re communicating to a broad audience. You’re using a language in Inside The Edit that applies to users of any platform, to users of any program. I think anyone in post or production could benefit from so many aspects of this course because you’re starting to understand what is essential to the story on so many levels. You’re communicating in a language that’s relevant to everyone. Because ultimately what is everyone here to do? They’re here to tell a story. And that entirely sets Inside The Edit apart from anything else. There’s nothing else that does that.

But also the look of Inside The Edit, the way that the clips move on the timeline. It’s beautiful; I love to watch it. Even on the main slides when things pop out graphically, the format is just right up my alley. The visual structure of how things are portrayed is just incredible. Every episode I can’t wait to watch! Visually it’s so entertaining and that might sound cheap to some people but I don’t want to just watch some guys mouse moving around an edit and just having a little circle clicker, I want to see something that is alive. I think that’s exactly what you’ve done.

The way that Inside The Edit starts, so minimally you don’t have to skip anything you don’t have to feel like I know all this, I’m just gonna blow past the first chapter. It’s just like “this is intriguing” and I’m going to watch this. And then I’m going to watch it again and then I’m going to watch it again and again because I want to fully appreciate it.

It’s not like one of those things on Lynda “this is a camera, camera’s have lenses and memory cards.” Oh sweet I didn’t know that! Of course I knew that, come on give me something I can work with here! Instead this is something I can work with.

Even those baby steps they still feel invaluable and absolutely necessary. The beginning is fascinating and not anything you fell like just breezing over. So I’m excited by how it continues to get more layered and deep rather than being just “these are memory cards, most DSLRs have batteries”! That stuff is just annoying but Inside The Edit has been an entirely different experience.


Hopefully all this will help you make an informed choice.

Ah, and one more thing, if money is still a concern (which it is to many of us), the monthly subscription is without engagement. In other words, you can test it out for £40, and decide if that’s for you or not.

More at Inside The Edit.