Take a 6 min Speed Course Storyboarding with Coen Brothers’ Storyboard Artist J. Todd Anderson


It’s my job to get what’s inside the director’s head on the paper. It’s not my job to create the shots. It’s my job to interpret their language into a visual language.

It’s very important that I get as closed to the images in their brain on the paper so that everybody when they walk on the set is making the same movie. They are not all imagining what’s going on.

J. Todd Anderson is a storyboard artist who has worked on dozens of films, including all the Coen Brothers film. Eyes on Cinema unearthed this BBC short video showing Anderson in a full speed sequence of storyboarding and talking about one of the scene he storyboarded, from one of his favorite work, Confession of a Dangerous Mind.

The drawings for a feature film take about six weeks to complete, but they are not just static images, they have their own language, a set of code denoting actions and movements. The black arrow usually means action and the thick white arrow means the camera.

If you enjoy the video below, you should definitely watch the one hour conversation between Sam Mendes and Conrad L. Hall over American Beauty’s storyboard.