Download All Resources to Help Indie Filmmakers Handle Distribution and the “Business”


After the success of the free resources for freelance filmmakers, I’ve decided to continue tackling other topics related to filmmaking that you mentioned in the newsletter wanting to have as a resource.

This time, the is about distribution along with a selected few articles about the Business, that have an unusual take on it.

If you’re discovering this for the first time, here is the idea: instead of having you search with keywords, try to dig out old articles and  risk losing time and patience, I’m building a series of archives that shows you in a glance what’s available on a specific topic.

How to use the Free Resources for Indie Filmmakers for Distribution: This is a document to open on a connected device, it archives the list of articles, and you need to click either on the article’s title or the ‘Click to Read More’ title to open the full article and read it online. It is not meant to be printed (let’s save trees!)

Hope you’ll enjoy it:

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