Design Your Own Film School (and Save a 100k In the Process)


To Film School or Not to Film School?

The debate over going to Film School is becoming less and less relevant. If you have the money, by all means go buy a network, it is a mortal weapon that still makes the difference between those who find jobs and those who don’t.

But when it comes to learning the craft of filmmaking and storytelling, Film School is no longer a necessity thanks to Tim Berners-Lee.  That doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t spend any money learning, but that the Internet allows you now to tailor your education focusing on what you need and want to explore, without having to change town and/or country.


Continuing Education Without Borders

Because many of you email me to share your story, I know that the desire to tell stories and make films is spread in all countries, generations and genders. In the old system, most of us wouldn’t have access to knowledge, because we’re from the wrong country, the wrong social class, the wrong age (too old!), the wrong beliefs…

Now the obstacles have shrunk to three. To learn about storytelling and filmmaking you need:

– an access to Internet

– to know English

– a willingness to spend Time and Money on your own education

The only trouble is that the Internet has given us access to a gigantic pool of information that keeps competing for our attention and it’s hard to find out what’s to check and what’s to ignore.

Because of the amount of data it provides, it sometimes feels that everything on the Internet should be free, and money should be saved to spend on what the old system offers. I often see people screaming at the idea of spending $500 on an online training they can take at their own pace from the comfort of their home, but contemplating spending $100k + expenses to spend four years ‘learning’ knowledge that is not tailored to their specific needs and frankly, I find it odd.

I believe a balance can easily be find between those two worlds, the world where everything is free and the world where everything is prohibitively expensive, to optimize our creative skills.

Tailoring Your Education

As I’ve mentioned before, I do have a budget I spend to nurture my own creative education. I also download a gazillion of free resources, the same way I like to share free resources and use this website to curate access to free knowledge.

The idea here is that we all have different needs and interests. Add to that that both the world and our field are changing at a furious pace, and all of a sudden designing your own film school and being the dean of your education feel like the best way to learn what’s relevant, as opposed to what you should learn.

Maybe you want to become a YouTuber, go into VR, learn how to be a creative entrepreneur, find jobs in L.A. to climb the producing ladder, learn how to storyboard, make interactive videos etc. You name it, the knowledge probably exist online.

Every day there is something new to learn, taught by professionals who’ve been in the trenches and came back, willing to share their knowledge.

Granted, everything is not perfect, some workshops are overpriced, and you always take a risk when you go for something anyway but, if you don’t bet on yourself, why would others?


Resources to Design Your Own Film School

In that spirit I’ve decided to set-up a page of Resources including both free and paid content that I have either tested or created and found worth my time and money.

Again, all the content below won’t be adequate to your own journey, because we all have different gaps to fill and stories we want to tell. But hopefully this will give you some pointers and maybe help you make useful discoveries.

The page will evolve as my own education grows, so check it regularly for new content. And if you have (sincere) recommendations, don’t hesitate to share them below!

Recommended Resources