30 Piece of Advice from Robert Rodriguez to Lead a Creative Life

A little over twenty years ago, Robert Rodriguez shook the Studio System with El Mariachi, an ultra-low budget feature shot on film for $7,000 with unknown actors and where Rodriguez did about everything but acting.

This led him to write Rebel Without a Crew, a book retracing his journey from writing to making El Mariachi, to selling it and seeing his career kick-off. The book was based on the extensive notes Rodriguez took daily as he has been journaling daily since College.

I’m not sure how many would have bet on Rodriguez’ career longevity in 1992, and yet, 23 years later, not only is Rodriguez still standing, but he’s been behind a wide range of films and alternative projects, is now head of a network, El Rey, and has made his DIY/one-man-band spirit a trademark.

Robert Rodriguez has been purposefully creating within a low-key/outside-the-box genre (I’m making up this genre, but you get the drill) that goes beyond filmmaking. A sort of DIY-Renaissance man, Rodriguez reads every fields from cooking, to painting or parenting as an opportunity to learn and be creative, bringing it home through his own creative endeavors.

In a recent podcast with Tim Ferriss (whom you should be familiar with by now), Rodriguez talked for two hours about a variety of topics, but the main thread that connected them all was creativity.

I really encourage you to listen to the full interview, which is long (2h) but no longer than a film class, and filled with anecdotes and wisdom that will leave you inspired and with an itchy desire to create (and that I’ll bet, whatever your field). What more can you ask for?

In the meantime, here are 30 moments that I extracted from these 120 minutes, and that reveals Robert Rodriguez philosophy to lead a creative life: never stop learning, keep a naive mind, everything is creativity and nothing will ever happen unless you start the journey.

Without further ado:


30 Piece of Advice from Robert Rodriguez to Lead a Creative Life






























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