Film Editing Mastery Teaches You Fundamental Creative Editing Skills in a Free 3 Parts Video Series

Want to build and sharpen your creative editing skills faster? Good news, it’s a good time to learn editing. More and more professional editors are opening the curtain and sharing knowledge they’ve gathered over time in the trenches and today, the team behind Film Editing Pro just released a free online video series that does exactly that.

The Film Editing Mastery is a three part video series that talks about the fundamental creative editing skills that you must master as an editor if you want your work to look polish and professional.

All the tips given are refinement that can become decisive to take your film or video to the next level, especially nowadays where people are more and more used to a minimum level quality when it comes to sound and pacing.

You would probably find out some (or all) of those on your own, after trial and errors, but learning why, when and how to use those core skills in 14 minutes instead of hours of searching and stumbling will leave space for you to play with story editing, which is what matters.

The first video in the Film Editing Mastery series is dedicated to the Core Skills you need to get started and is available to view immediately on this page. If you like what you see and want to learn more, you can then subscribe to get free access to the last two videos when they’ll get released, along with the free ebook Edit Like a Pro, that gives away 50 must-know editing tips.

Here are the four creative editing skills you’ll learn from the first video:



To recap, if you are a full or part-time editor, an indie filmmaker, a film student or an online content creator, click here to watch the Core Skills video, and subscribe to get the free ebook and receive the next two videos when they’ll get released.

I thought there was plenty to learn from the Core Skills video, that deserves several viewing on key parts if you’re really planning to learn and apply what is shown, but I’d love your input:

What do you think of the Core Skills shared on the Film Editing Mastery series? Let me know below.