Download All Resources about Screenwriting Techniques and Masterclasses

From the emails I receive and my experience as an Internet user, I’ve noticed that one of the hardest thing is to keep track of all the information available, and being able to pull them out when needed.

With over 800 articles available on mentorless and counting, I’m seeing valuable content being pushed and forgotten, when I know they could be useful and answer specific needs if one knew how to find them.

With that in mind, I’ve decided to create downloadable resources, that will allow you to keep track of what interests you and know where to look when needed.

This is the fourth downloadable resources that is now available. It started with one for freelance freelance filmmakers to craft better stories, then one to help you make documentaries, and the third one was to help Indie Filmmakers handle distribution and the “Business”.

This time I’ve decided to select 20 articles about screenwriting that focus on lessons, tips, technics and processes from screenwriters. From the established screenwriter-only to the indie writer-director. Each one has a different way of doing things, has had a different career, and while all might not resonate, I’m pretty confident that at least one of them will be useful to you. 

Download and enjoy: