What to Expect if Woody Allen Casts You for a Supporting Role

 What to Expect if Woody Allen Casts You for a Supporting Role 


British actor Tom Hiddleston is known for his interest and ability to play in various genres thanks to his diligent prep work ahead. Asked which role he had the least amount of time to prepare for and that turned out for the best, he answered:

Woody Allen‘s Midnight in Paris.

Here is what he said about the process of working on a Woody Allen’s film:

“I was cast very shortly before I was due to shoot and Woody Allen, in his unique, inimitable way, didn’t want me to read the whole script.

He only sent the whole script to Owen Wilson, every other actor in that film received little piece-meal stuff.

And I had to worked it out, it was very cryptic,  I got these pages and the characters’ names were Scott, Zelda, and Ernest and Gil. And I thought “Is that a coincidence or is that Fitzgerald?

It wasnt made explicit. I wasn’t quite sure, if I was being asked to play ‘the’ F. Scott Fitzgerald and I couldn’t get Woody on the phone, so I sort of just winged it.

I was in Paris about a week later, so I did as much homework as I could on his speaking voice and I went back and read some short stories, read some of Hemingway’s accounts of Fitzgerald.

And (Woody Allen) shoots a short day because he wants to play the clarinette and have dinner, and so really, I remember, Corey Stoll who plays Hemingway told me ‘You basically got two takes and you’re out.’ So yeah I remembered just not really being prepared, I felt, to play Fitzgerald, but it all turned out ok in the end.”

There are two elements that I find particularly interesting:


You can watch the full conversation Hiddleston had during a BAFTA event, he talks in depths about some of his roles and his career’s evolution, which only reinforces the fact that this is one hard working-actor.