What Video Frame Rate Should You Pick for Your Project?

What Video Frame Rates Should You Pick for Your Project?

Online filmmaker Brandon Li, who has been featured here before and is a regular Vimeo Staff Pick has started  sharing behind-the-scenes and tutorials on his YouTube Channel.

I really enjoy Li’s work and even more so now that he’s sharing his hardly acquired knowledge. One of Li’s particularity is his capacity to mix pace in his editing, going from extra fast to extra slow with smoothness, keeping the viewer on the edge of her seat.

How does a one-man band handle picking the right video frame rate at the right time for the right sequence? That’s exactly what Li explains in the video below. From understanding what frame rate is to the context in which he’ll pick one frame rate rather than another.

Here is a quick summary but if you have an interest in the matter, watch the full video below, it’s packed with great tips and illustrations: