5 Practical Tips to Nail Fast-Cut Editing

5 Practical Tips for Fast-Cut Editing

Another useful and generous video tutorial from Brandon Li sharing in under 5 minutes what took him years of trial and error to achieve (i.e. fast-cut editing). Neat.

After learning how to pick the right frame for the right type of scene you want to shoot, Li explains how to bring it home in post so a fast-cut editing doesn’t look like a messy chaos bu reaches its goal: bringing up the energy level of your video.

Here are Li’s 5 practical tips:

Tip #1: Simplify Your Shots

You can do that by:

Tip #2: Punch In & Out of Your Subject to Keep Your Viewer Oriented Spatially

It’s a two-steps process:


TIP #3: Keep the Subject Moving in the Same Screen Direction From Shot to Shot

TIP #4: Follow a Dominant Shape, Color or Luminance Between Shots

TIP #5: Establish a Cause and Effect Between Shots

I absolutely love these five tips, and Li always illustrates his tips with examples from his own work. Watch the video below and take notes: