20 Films Influenced by Edward Hopper’s Painting

20 Films Influenced by Edward Hopper’s Painting

We all know that filmmakers and cinematographers research for their films, oftentimes looking for references from paintings and photos. Todd Haynes and Sofia Coppola talked about their creative process to create a film’s look, and Vugar Efendi showed a series of filmmakers who stole from painters .

In the video below, Ignacio Montalvo shows 20 films influenced by Hopper’s Paintings from the 50s to nowadays . Besides the fact that I enjoy collecting such examples for personal archiving, I find it interesting that some shots Montalvo picked and associated with Hopper were associated with another painter in Efendi’s video.

Which shows how subjective it can become to find connections, homages, attributions etc.

Before the video, here is a selection of my favorite parallels:

Watch the full video: