Welcome to Movieland: a Parallel World Made of 1800 Films

Welcome to Movieland: a Parallel World
Made of 1800 Films

If you ever wondered what a world composed of films would look like, search no more. Cinephile David Honnorat spent years developing such idea and with the support of 1,393 backers, he created Movieland, a world map composed of over 1800 films (and a Mindfuck Forest).

Here is what Honnorat said about his process:

I spent approximately 300 hours designing of the map. I chose to work with Sketch, a wonderful vector-based design app. First because, as a UI designer, I feel very confortable using it, second because I thought it wouldn’t have any problem to deal with thousands and thousands of elements, and it did not!

For no real reason, I started off with the Great Lake of Madness and expanded from that. I began to arrange a few movies around the lake and to create the basic types of elements I was going to use: roads, highways, shortcuts, rivers, regions… Then I had to list and sort every single movie I was going to put on the map with basic infos (title, year, director) on a table sheet. Then I put the movies on the map and draw the roads. Hundreds of roads…

The map was posted on Imgur a few hours ago, and you can check it out below (don’t hesitate to zoom in past what imgur lets you do)

The good news, Movieland can be expanded as it mostly consists of one giant continent and a few islands for now. To be continued?