Are You in Control of Your Time Pyramid?

Are You in Control of Your Time Pyramid?

A few weeks ago I had a drink with a producer and at some point during the conversation, she exclaimed: “But you never go to the movies?!

It was a spontaneous outcry from a film lover to a filmmaker and the irony wasn’t lost on me. It’s true, I travel a lot and I’m almost never nearby a theater that plays what I’d like to watch. I have Netflix, which I love for many things but has the poorest film catalog possible (all the good films are films I have actually seen in theaters, pre-2007).

But past weak excuses explaining why I don’t go to the movies anymore, the big ah-ha moment for me was to realize that not only does the time I spent “consuming” stories have shrunk over the years, but it’s also now split between more medium and in a very different equilibrium than it used to be.

I am probably part of the last generation that first learned to read and then discovered screens. Books were my first love and my first career. TV wasn’t really a thing quality wise when I grew up so films came close second and from 12 to 28, I watched a lot of them. But in the last few years, the landscape has changed and my life along.

Podcasts have become the most convenient medium for my “dead-time”: commute, cleaning sessions, drawing sessions. And as Shows and documentaries exploded, films and books have received less and less love from me.

As the year comes to an end, my brain is attracted to big-picture questions. When I look at my current Time Pyramid, I can’t say I’m happy with it. Of course in an ideal world, the pyramid would be a rectangle and every medium would receive the same amount of love. But it can’t be.

If I’m honest, I have to admit that the last few years have been about finding the sweet balance between good content and pleasant experience. And it sounds okay said like that, but looking back I can see that there’s a certain lack of diversity that has developed in my story choices. Meaning: almost everything I consume comes from North America and that’s become a problem for me. a) because I’m French-Lebanese and b) because the world is so much more than half a continent.

If I was happy with this new pyramid, it would be perfectly fine, but the truth is that I actually want to watch more films and read more books that come from different cultures and times, I’ve just been too lazy to consciously take step to transform that wish into a reality.

So this is part of my series of intentions for 2018: more films and more books. How I’ll implement a strategy to make it so in an inspiring way is another story that will unfold in the next 13 months.