The Art (and Importance) of Building Your Audience – Sundance Panel 2014

Tackling another panel from Sundance 2014 this week, this one about building your audience, a topic that should be the main concern of all storymaker/creative/filmmaker planning to produce work and share it until they die (boom. drama.) and wishing to cut through the noise to reach straight t ...

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How Did Hollywood Come to Be? A Crash Course Video Retraces its History

"Welcome to Film School'd", here is how starts the latest epic 9 min of video from Cineflix -the team behind the Top 12 Long Takes Ever Filmed- that goes way back until 65 A.D.* until today, from a mind blown in ancient Greece -in lieu, Ptolemy, realizing you can create the illusion of move ...

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20 Hollywoodian Cliches to Ban From Your Script

Cliches are like gossips: there might be something true lying at their chore, but that truth got lost overtime. And yet, because they keep being shared and floating around, there is a real temptation to use them as shortcuts while we try telling our story. We've mentioned before the 50 cliche ...

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Use this 8 Steps Questionnaire to Make Sure You Have a Strong and Useful Female Character

this is not a womanI'm going to cut to the chase here: it is not easy to write complex female characters, even for female storytellers. Some storytellers do it wonderfully (think Courtney Hunt's Frozen River or Allan Cubitt's The Fall), but the majority of us (storytellers of both genders ...

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30 Famous Directors Share What They Believe In and The Rules they Follow to Make Films

Whether you've learned it from reading articles and listening to audio commentaries, or you've discovered it in the trenches making your own films, you probably know by now that not only two filmmakers never work the same, but working on two films is not the same either. Each director has ...

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Follow a Young PTA During the Making of Magnolia in Documentary ‘That Moment’

one of the most touching moment: PTA impersonating PSH on set circa minute 21Who hasn't want to brain pick Paul Thomas Anderson after watching his films, and especially Magnolia, his third film and, to this date, one of the most creative screenplay and feature narrative I've seen in the las ...

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Ridley Scott on Turning What Critics Saw as a Weakness Into His Signature

In the excellent book The Element, that talks about how finding your passion is a key turning point for everything else satisfying in your life, Sir Ken Robinson, the man behind one of my all-time favorite TED Talk, interviews dozens of "famous" people (artists or else) who became very ver ...

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10 Overused Aesthetics to Ban For Your Next Movie Poster

Movie posters are like trailers and websites: you don't realize how important they are until you realize how hard it is to make a good one, one that both looks legit and will stick with your potential audience.If you remember the infographic about the trends in movie posters in 2011, yo ...

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The Criteria Producer Jason Blum (Paranormal Activity, the Purge) Use to Make Low Budgets Wide Release Movies

SXSW started to share their Keynotes from this year, and after the excellent and dense one by Austin Kleon, it's low budget's Producer Jason Blum's turn to be made available.Jason Blum is the founder and CEO of Blumhouse Productions, a multi-media production company created in 2000 that ...

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Cinema in Cinema: a Mash-Up of 93 Films That Went Meta

Cinema lovers, this homage to meta  sequences about films within films will make you happy. Beautifully edited by Bretzel Pretzel for Slacktory back in 2013, the video is composed of 139 clips from 93 films.Have a look and see how many you can recognize first, and scroll below the vide ...

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