Francis Ford Coppola’s Technique to Break Down The Godfather’s Novel

Coppola holding his precious Notebook, the roadmap he used to shoot The Godfather There is always something new to learn from Francis Ford Coppola's adaptation of The Godfather. This video is not new but was to me and I found it really inspiring, especially in these times where everything is ...

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SXSW Keynote: Austin Kleon on A New Way of Operating to Share Your Work and Connect With Peers

Here I am, back with another article about "what Austin Kleon says"; and if you're on my Monthly Creative Menu's list, you are becoming really familiar with Kleon's universe. The good thing is that there is always something more to learn from a student of life, and this year SXSW Keynote ...

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Why Alfonso Cuaron Doesn’t Think Going to Film School Is Necessary Today and What He Got the Most Out Of It

About a month ago, BAFTA LA uploaded what is probably one of my favorite talk with a filmmaker, presently Alfonso Cuaron.  Mexican filmmaker Alfonso Cuaron belongs to the group of filmmakers who defeated the odds, coming from a middle-class family that had no ties with cinema, in a country  ...

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Feeling Down After Another Setback? Video Essay “The Long Game” Will Help Put Your Career Into Perspective And Find a New Breath

The life of a freelance storyteller is anything but a clear path, there is no recipe to anything but this three truth: work hard, work every day and don't lose faith . But even if you apply these three ingredients, no chefs can tell you when you'll manage to make a delicious cake. We all know ...

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Why You Should NOT Shoot 4K if You’re an Indie Filmmaker

NAB might be behind us but the frenzy for the latest camera never seems to stop. Technical performances always make eyes shine, and with the equipment's price going down, there is a real temptation for indie filmmaker to listen to the 4k mermaid's song. Listening to the Post-Production Panel fr ...

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Everything Cronenberg: Enter TIFF’s Massive Virtual Exhibition

Canadian Filmmaker David Cronenberg is about to finish his fifth decade making films and is not slowing down, with Maps to the Stars to be released sometimes this year, his third feature in 4 years. Cronenberg's universe is not a mainstream one, the director isn't looking to create consensus o ...

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Finally Understand What an Editor Does in Less than 2 Minutes

It is still fascinating to me how little people know about editing and how vital this part of the process is. Arguably, every part of the filmmaking process is essential, but editing is one of the stages when everything starts coming together and you can butcher or enhance everybody else's job. ...

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Fascinating: Discover Pixar’s New Program To Create Characters

Two decades ago, Pixar changed forever the animation game and since then, it's made a point of pushing the envelope in storytelling but also visually. Thanks to Pixar, other studios stepped up their game and we, as an audience, are ultimately the one benefitting from this battle for higher stan ...

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Susannah Grant (Erin Brockovich, The Soloist) Talks About the Art of Writing Screenplays

It is not often that I get to share a talk from a woman on, and believe me, I am very aware of that fact mostly because I spend a lot of time trying to find lectures and masterclasses given by women in the industry I'm interested about, and I inevitably fail. Why do I care if it ...

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How The Brothers Lynch Created a No-Budget Hypnotizing Internet Hit with Public Domain Content

  I'm very excited about today's guest post, written by Keith Lynch, one half of The Brothers Lynch team.   The Brothers Lynch is the filmmaking tandem behind the hypnotic music video for The Hope of A Favorable Outcome by Carly Paradis. The video wa ...

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