Would You Pass the David Fincher Are-You-Ready-to-Become-a-Filmmaker Test?

We know what David Fincher doesn't do as a filmmaker, but what would he do if he was giving a lecture at film school? Thanks to Sheri Candler, we now have the answer: "I always wanted to give a lecture at film schools. You go in and you see all these fresh faces, and you say: "You! Stand up ...

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Lessons From the Past: Where to Shoot When You’re Aiming For an Oscar

If you ever wondered where Oscar winning films took place, here is your answer in one neat (and funny) infographic. Covering the winners from 1929 until 2013, the infographic shows the settings of all films that won Best Picture at the Academy Awards.Unsurprisingly, almost half of the f ...

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Stories to Watch #1: Bram Schouw

After many weeks in the waiting I am finally launching Stories to Watch, a section that will be solely dedicated to sharing videos from any genre that I found interesting as a storyteller and would like to share in a more permanent way than the social media way.This is my small way to m ...

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The Key Advice Steve Lawes (Sherlock BBC) Has Received on His First Day as a DoP on Set

 Following J.J. Abrams, Phedon Papamichael and Leonardo DiCaprio, cinematographer Steve Lawes, the man behind the lens on hit TV Show Sherlock, talks about a key advice he received on his very first day on set as a cinematographer, and that had a major impact on his work mindset fro ...

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Reed Morano Urges You to Sign this Petition If You Care About Films at All

Cinematographer Reed Morano (Frozen River, Kill Your Darlings, Looking) just launched a petition asking for TV manufacturers to turn off the Motion Interpolation defect setting, that takes the cinematic look out of any image and makes it look like soap opera shot on a cheap video ca ...

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How Steven Soderbergh Solves a Filmmaking Problem on Set

Something that is rarely talked about is the moment you get stuck on set, unhappy with the camera placement you initially picked, knowing there is a best way to film a scene but unable to come up with a solution. Filmmakers often talk about either the amount of preparation they have put duri ...

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Netflix CCO, Ted Sarandos, on Disrupting Traditional Film Distribution

It seems far the time when Netflix tried to introduce Qwikster and started sinking full speed. Three years after, Netflix has won Emmys with its original content shows House of Cards and Orange Is the New Black, has projects on the line with A-List creatives, and has recently announced ori ...

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Behind the Scene: Watch Roman Polanski Direct an Ambitious Outdoor Scene in 1971

If you've ever wondered how big scenes were made pre-digital, CGI and green screen era, this behind-the-scenes from 1971 following Roman Polanski as he shoots Macbeth will not only answer your question but  might also (friendly warning) trigger a wave of nostalgia for a time where filmmakin ...

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Better Promote Your Work By Understanding How Content Breaks on Platforms

Content is King, but Distribution is Queen. You've been hearing it everywhere lately and that's because we have entered this new era where numerous marketing tools are free, and producing content has never been easier, but the noise level is getting thicker every day and breaking through it ...

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Xavier Dolan’s Masterclass: the 3 Questions He Learned to Ask Himself While Filming

Beating any other filmmakers at being productive, challenging and successful, french Canadian 25 years- Xavier Dolan, who won Cannes Jury Prize with his fifth feature film, Mommy, gave a 2h Masterclass at the Forum des Images last week in Paris.Dolan lives and breathes filmmaking -as hi ...

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