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Hey, we’re Felix Alvarez and Samantha Ruiz, two indie film fans who turned our love for movies into a career. We’re here to guide you through the world of indie filmmaking, movie trends, and filmmaker stories. We got this site from Nathalie Sejean, a talented Film Director and Multi-Media Storyteller, and our mission is to bring back the glory of this site. Felix is our Features Writer. He uses his experience as an entertainment journalist and film critic to bring you in-depth features and reviews. Samantha shares practical tips and techniques from her hands-on experience in small-budget film projects.

Our Story

Our story began in college. Felix was studying Film Studies at UMass Amherst, and Samantha was working on small-budget films. Our shared passion for cinema and storytelling brought us together to create this blog.

What We Offer

We’re not just writers; we’re indie filmmakers who love movies. Here’s what you’ll find on our blog:

  • Detailed reviews of indie films and trends
  • Insights into the filmmaking process
  • Reviews of new and classic indie films
  • Interviews with filmmakers
  • Tips for aspiring filmmakers

Our Mission

We want to make indie filmmaking easy and inspiring for everyone. We believe in the power of storytelling through film and aim to educate and motivate our readers. Our goal is to help you connect with cinema on a deeper level.

Why Trust Us

We share real, honest experiences from our filmmaking. We provide practical advice and insights to help you explore the world of indie cinema. Join us, explore our articles, and start your filmmaking with us.

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Check out our articles and tips, and become part of our community of film lovers. We’re always learning and updating our content with the latest in indie filmmaking, so you can stay informed and enjoy the best that cinema has to offer. We’re excited to have you with us!